Our Belief

We believe in providing artistic and high quality designs to put an end to a world full of uniformity and the disposable. Amoracast exists because we believe beauty is food for the soul. Our job is to add beauty to this world by providing artists with unique, well made and high quality components with which they can create works of wearable art. The design philosophy of Amoracast is to create components that are modern, can provide many design possibilities and are affordable. Amoracast’s business philosophy is precision and value, delivered in a timely manner, to provide excellent profit margin and high turnover for our clients.

Our Promise

We will always stand behind our belief and our product. Our sterling jewelry components will always be 92.5% silver, and never less. We regularly and randomly send product for laboratory testing so that we can provide our guarantee with absolute confidence. We only contract factories that meet international standards for trade practices with regard to safe working conditions, equitable pay, and which never use child labor of any kind.

Our Story

Our founder, Dana Ho, is a former fine arts student who graduated from finance at the University of Toronto’s MBA program. She later discovered that she preferred art and fashion accessories over lucrative corporate climbing. After more than 15 years of designing and wholesaling semi-precious stone jewellery, she began creating sterling silver components which she was unable to find and selling excess stock to other jewellery designers. Years of success and increasing popularity of her component designs have propelled her to create Amoracast, a design house of unique precious metal jewellery components.